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I see my config file here:

[wr360embed name="Filename" width="200px" height="200px" config=""]
Here is my embed. Missed the case sensitive config name first couple times - now fixed, but still not connecting.

images file is in the NewProject1 folder. ... ame_01.jpg

Is name of the view anything I want or some version of Filename_01?

Seems promising though! :D



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Hi Steve! :)

For some reason config parameter is not being read from your shortcode as if you didn't specify it or something (possibly some special character if you turn on HTML edit mode for this post in admin?). If you are sure it's there in your Hello World post and looks good, we would probably need to get temp access to your admin to investigate.


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You got it. I pasted the text into a post/page in wordpress in visual mode. The editor added a bunch of extra code to format it. (</em></strong></a> type of stuff) Now it works great - look forward to installing it in our active system.


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I'm brand new...just out of the box and this is a wordpress site.

where does the shortcode "start" My 360-assets folder is on the wp-content level (see attached pict)
the "name" is that just for me or is it connected to something?
is it enough to have in the final folder the images and the xml file?

my short code that is not working.....

[wr360embed name="espresso" width="100%" height=“100%” config=“/360-assets>expresso>espresso.xml"]

I would really really appreciate any help here


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solved.....with great email support from Dimitri

wr360embed name="espresso" width="100%" height="600px" config="/360-assets/espresso/espresso.xml"
and have to make the section in elementor vertically large for the image