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please can you help with open cart. I ve alredy purchased license from you.
1) Where shoul I upload my license file to opencart?
2) How can I set Master Config URL (PRO)?
3) Front-end shows button which is not working, why?

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Hi Karel,

Thank you for going PRO.

1) Please drop the license file under the following folder in your OpenCart installation: /catalog/controller/module/wr360/html/

2) As long as all your 360 product images will be named the same across all of your products (e.g image1.jpg, image2.jpg, etc) and you don't use hot-spots (or they are again the same for all 360 view), you can grab one of the config xml files from any of your 360 views that you published in SpotEditor and copy it anywhere in your OpenCart folders. Then enter its URL in the Master Config URL in the OpenCart module settings.

Then instead of entering a config xml URL in the table in the module settings like you did before, you would just enter a URL path under Root Path pointing to a folder with the uploaded images (e.g /360_assets/your-product-name/images). These image folders can be located on your OpenCart server or somewhere else (ie CDN network or your image server).

3) Please send us an email to support at webrotate360 dot com and we will provide instructions as this is a PRO only feature.