OpenCart using Journal Theme


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I am going to buy your WebRotate 360 PRO and use on my OpenCart website. To make sure it works on my website, I downloaded the free version of WebRotate 360 and tried it.

I followed the Installation Guard for OpenCart and installed it but I don't see any 360 degree rotate images at all. My website looks exact same as before.

I am using OpenCart version and Journal Theme version 2.6.3

Are there any differences for installing WebRotate 360 on OpenCart and Journal Theme? Can I have the detailed installation guard for Journal Theme?

Thank you.


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Hi! This guide below is the best we have right now: ... stallation

With the journal theme I think our vqmod_webrotate360_def_product.xml can't integrate into the main product image area "out of the box" without some extra massaging, so it's usually easier to just edit the Placeholder field in the module settings in admin to force the 360 product viewer into a desired location on your product page (e.g main product image container).

If you need help with this, just send us temp ftp & admin login to support at webrotate360 dot com.