Other images are not being displayed


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Okay, so I've got images rotating now. My problem is that I have other images that visitors can click on to get a bigger view. The problem is that the Webrotate 360 function is superseding all other images. Even though the 360 images are the not default, they "override" the first image. The other images are not displayed when I click on them.

Here's the page - https://pranga.co/products/obsidian_order

How do I fix this?

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Hi Daniel and apologies for the delay... somehow we missed this post (there're spammers every day here :twisted: that we clean up so we could have missed yours in the process).

Unfortunately there's no simple answer here. We state on our Shopify page that "Please also note that this app will not automatically integrate with existing image galleries (e.g. a sliding product gallery on the product pages)". There's just no way of knowing upfront how to integrate with the variety of galleries in all of the Shopify themes.

If you don't have a web developer assisting you with your website who can adjust the gallery code and place a placeholder container for the 360 product view inside the gallery, the easiest solution would be to place it below the gallery or in the description area. We can help with this if you send us your details to support at webrotate360 dot com.

The other option to consider is to change your theme's gallery such that it uses a popup when the thumbnails are clicked.