PHP error at the top


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I installed this module yesterday and it's working very well.
But there is a problem : If i chose to show a 360 view of a product, there is no issue, but if i don't want to show a 360 view of the product (by letting the 360 configuration empty
), i'm getting 2 php errors

Notice: Undefined variable: popup_ref_hrf in /home/faisal/public_html/prestashop_2/modules/webrotate360/webrotate360.php on line 207

Notice: Undefined variable: popup_thumb_path in /home/faisal/public_html/prestashop_2/modules/webrotate360/webrotate360.php on line 208
" at the top of the page.

So i'm wondering if i'm doing it wrong or not.
Can you help me?
Thank you.
EDIT : I'm using Web Rotate 360 Prestashop Module 2.1 and Prestashop (the latest version).

PS : sorry for my english, i'm french.


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Hi Salfai,

Thanks for the detailed post.

We just released v2.1 that you are using a few days ago and looks like we missed this issue in our testing. Here's updated download that should fix it: ...

You can just copy webrotate360.php from the webrotate360 folder in the zip archive above to /modules/webrotate360 on your server to apply the fix as this is where the fix is.

Please confirm if this helps and we will update our main PrestaShop download to use this version (v2.1.1) instead.