PixRiot export code/URLs to spreadsheet


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When dealing with large numbers of files on PixRiot, it would be nice to have an "export" button that would take the current directory, enumerate the items, and if the item is a WR360, report the following info into a spreadsheet:
1. Project name
2. # images in spin
3. size in MB
4. XML link
5. iFrame Code
6. Standalone Link

Then I could easily update other code with the new links instead of having to click back and forth a bunch of times. Have fields 2-6 checkboxed so you can turn them on and off in the report.
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Love it! :cool: Thank you.

Please give us a couple of weeks to add a CSV export like this. Not sure we can easily pull the number of images yet (why do you need it, just curious?) but we can add it later on, once we record this in a readily accessible fashion.


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I actually personally don't need the number of images in the spin, but I thought that it might be easy to get. It's kind of an indicator of spin fluidity I guess. Not sure what language you're using, but maybe something like:


If you could make it happen in a few weeks that would be awesome timing, as I have to hand this off to some developers that have to mass copy-paste the iframe code a bunch of places!!