PixRiot show account stats on left bar


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Add account stats to the left bar like

Account Type: Business 15 [UPGRADE]

[+] Usage
[bargraphXXXXX--------] 11.4GB of 15GB

(plus expands out:)
3 folders
200 projects
1500 images

[+] Monthly Bandwidth
[bargraphXXXXXXXX----] 68.1GB of 75GB

(plus expands out:)
Day 15 of 30
1156 requests served
Projected Monthly Utilization: 132.6GB (176%)
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Yes, this looks very good. In the new version with usage statistics we're about to release, some of this is located under Settings (accessible via Avatar icon in the right corner) but this is also interesting as we plan to have Analytics section on the left which can expand and show a panel like you are suggesting. Nice!