Prestashop 1,6,1,6 images missing when webrotate is on

When i turn on webrotate plugin and click on any image the popup shows up bot with no image. When i click on 360 presentation button ewerything is ok but when i exit from presentation everything is unclickable. Every link on the page is off untill i refresh the page. Is the compatibility with most recent 1,6,1,6 absolutelly confirmed ??


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Hi, this is likely a conflict with your Prestashop theme. Can you possibly share a link to your product page online where we can reproduce the issue?

You may send it via email to support at webrotate360 dot com.
It may be a conflict with the theme because i was updationg the theme and it was completelly redesigned. My theme support are investigating the issue i just want to confirm that module is compatible. If this is not a theme related problem i will be posting here soon.