PrestaShop 1.6


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Help install on PrestaShop 1.6.
Create a tab and I can not move error "The controller AdminWebRotate360 is missing or invalid."

Writing through an interpreter, jingle.


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Hi there, trafim! Please try the following:

1) Download updated AdminWebRotate360.php from this link and overwrite the same file under your Prestashop admin/tabs folder. ...

2) Delete your /cache/class_index.php after installing our module. Please note that a new one will be generated after you delete it. We recommend to save a copy of the old file just in case something goes wrong.

3) Please verify that this file is present under your classes folder: /classes/WebRotate360.php

4) Enable Prestashop template compilation / disable cache in Admin under Performance temporarily for any changes to take effect.

These steps usually help. If they don't, please send us your temp FTP and Prestashop admin login to support at webrotate360 dot com, so we could investigate.


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Please Help, I have been encountering installation problem with Prestashop
This is what was done, from step one till last action :
1- Followed the instructions there >> ... eased.aspx
I did auto install then, manually added what was missing, just in case (ex.: admin folder + ...
2- After complete installation, from the WebRotate 360 Settings, I have set the viewer width to 600 and height to 600.
3- Step 4 Non Applicable as yet, so applied the Apprendix
4- Back to Step 4.
5- Step 5 >> under Catalog, I can see the 'WebRotate360' tab. Once I've clicked on it, I get the following error: "Contrôleur introuvable" (translation: cannot find the controller).

I've been trying for the past 3 days: not been successful though, in hopping you will get back to me with a solution.



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Problem solved ;-)
I just realized that, the updated 'AdminWebRotate360.php' was not added to the sub-folder "tab" under the Admin folder but instead to the root of the Admin folder.
Testing the solution now and will add the first 360° view so everyone can check it out and test it, directly on our website.



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prestashop 1.6.9
I did step by step installation.
But my screen is white. No 360 photos.
html code:

<style type = "text / css">
360rotat a {visibility: hidden;}
</ style>


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Hi there, I suspect the reason is the Page Placeholder Id in the webrotate module settings that needs to be updated to work with your Prestashop theme.

If you need help with this, please paste your product page URL here or send it to support at webrotate360 dot com.


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Good news! :cool:

A simple fix would be to change this line in the following file:


from this:

$(document).on('click', '#view_full_size, #image-block', function(e){

to this:

$(document).on('click', '#view_full_size, #bigpic', function(e){

I hope this works. Just double check that your product pages without 360 product views still zoom ok on click in the main image area. Please let us know if anything though.


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I need help, please
I use Prestashop and I have downloaded AdminWebRotate360.php and overwrited the same file in my admin/tabs folder but the module does not appear in the administration.




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Hi Cris,

Please give us about 2-3 days. We now have a completely new add-on for Prestashop 1.6.x which is being tested right now. We will release it early next week and I will confirm here.


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Finally we have it ready! Sorry for the wait. Demo and a blog post detailing the release will be coming shortly. In the meantime you can download it here:


To install:

1. Click "Add a new module" under your PrestaShop Admin->Modules and navigate to on your computer to upload the module. Or install manually by copying or uploading the webrotate360 folder inside the zip to your PrestaShop modules folder.

2. Then navigate to your Modules tab in PrestaShop Admin, expand Other Modules and click Install next to WebRotate 360.

3. Select Configure on the WebRotate 360 module to configure the module as needed. Detailed field descriptions can be found under each configurable parameter.

4. Publish your 360 product views using WebRotate 360 SpotEditor ( and upload them somewhere on your PrestaShop server via FTP. Note that you only need to upload a single folder that is auto-created under 360_assets in the published folder of your SpotEditor project upon publish.

5. Navigate to your Catalog->Products in Admin and add config xml URL for your uploaded 360 views under desired products in your catalog inside the WebRotate 360 tab. Sample 360 view & config xml URL is provided in the tab description.

Please let us know if any questions or issues!