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Thirst of all, thanks for this great script and the SpotEditor.

I'm having troubles with the auto-rotate speed and the left & right arrows using the same parameter but interpreting it in a very different way. Feels like the arrows are at least twice as fast as the auto-rotation.

In my project I'm using the API for external controls. There are 123 images and the option "rotatePeriod" is set to 7. That is perfect for auto-rotation (api.toolbar.playbackToggle();), but using the arrows (api.toolbar.startRightArrowRotate();) the rotation is lightning fast.

In your demo it's the same situation, so I guess there is no mistake in my setup.

Is there a way for both actions taking the same time for a 360° rotation?

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Hi Mario, thanks for the kind words! :)

We do try to keep the default drag speed faster than playback for a generic setup as users mostly expect to be able to quickly turn 360 / 3D product views back and forth (on e-commerce websites, etc).

It's customizable though using the drag speed factor that you can find under the Control tab under General in SpotEditor. Here's how we describe this setting:

Controls the speed of image rotation when dragging images via mouse or touch. This value is first multiplied by rotate period that you can change below and the result is used to adjust the actual image dragging performance.

You can change this directly in your xml config via dragSpeed attribute which is set to 0.13 by default. If you make the number bigger like 0.2 for example, the drag speed will get slower (depends on the number of images as well).

I hope it helps!


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Oh, these left-right actions are using the same speed as the drag speed - now it makes sense :)
So I just have to find the perfect value for slower arrow-speed and still fast enough drag speed.

Thanks for the quick help!
I've been experiencing a vague issue where the rotation is smooth when viewed in normal mode, but as soon as we go to full screen mode, the rotation becomes slow with not so smooth rotation. Is there something that is i'm missing in terms of configuring the DragSpeed, RotatePeriod values. Thanks in advance.


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Hi, it could be the result of having high-resolution images that are just too large so web browsers have hard times rendering them smoothly as you spin them. Or it could be the case of not having your web server configured to instructs browsers to cache images. There could be other issues, as well.

We could tell you exactly what happened if you can share a link to your 360 product view online.
Thanks for the quick reply.
The link where you can our 360 view is: [link removed]
And I've made sure that the browser cache is on but the problem still persists. The thing is it works very fine normally but as soon as we turn the full screen on, the rotation gets slow.


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Looks like the main issue you are experiencing is due to the resolution of the images that comprise the 360 product spin.

Your image resolution is 1920 x 1080 which is quite high. With 72 images in your spin, showing this amount of data smoothly during drag in full-screen can be problematic - browsers may have issues rendering 6mb of uncompressed image data per image at the frame rate needed to make the 72-image animation look smooth (on an average desktop computer).

We usually suggest to use low-res / high-res combination of images as per our user guide on page 15 (in the middle) and keep your high-res images within 1600-1800px on a widest side.

Reducing the number of images per spin would also help and you could play with the drag speed and make the drag slower, forcing it to render images less frequently. You can do this either by increasing the Drag factor or Rotate period in SpotEditor under Controls->Rotation tab.

You can also instruct the viewer to use low-res images in full-screen such that the high-res ones are only used for zooming (this way you can keep your high-res images large for zooming purposes). To do this, uncheck "Use high-res images in full-screen" under Controls->More options tab.

PS: when not in full-screen, the large images in your spin are pre-processed by the browser in that it resizes them on-the-fly so they become small as per your viewport and so they render quick & smooth.

Hope it helps!


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I'm having problems with the rotate speed. I have a 700 frame animation sequence of a product performing different functions. Changing any of the Control>Rotation>Speed settings seems to have no affect. I'm also having a problem with the auto-rotation playing back too quickly.

I hope someone could help me with this.

Product version: Trial
Testing in Internet Explorer 11


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Hi Nick, can you please share a link to your example (via email or here)? I will also follow up in the email that we received from you today.