Rotated photo disappears in Prestashop 1.7 after changing product combination


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I'm new in using this tool WebRotate 360. I'm trying to use it because I test new Prestashop version - 1.7 - instead my older version 1.6 where I was using another module which not works under version 1.7 ;) WebRotate 360 generally works under Prestashop 1.7 and looks better :)

But I'm not writing only to congratulate :p It's one issue or I don't understand something.
In Prestashop 1.7 when product have some combinations - after changing it at shop front - 360 photo disappears. Also when i select again the same default first product combination at front.

I'm testing this on localhost server. On clear raw Prestashop installation, without any other changes. Without any changes in theme.

You display demo page ... hirts.html with Prestashop 1.6 version and everything looks great. Did you check what I described on Prestashop 1.7?


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Hi Rafal and thanks for the detailed explanation of the issue. Unfortunately, we don't support configurable products in our Prestashop 1.7 integration yet.

Potentially you could place the 360 product view somewhere else on your Prestashop product pages (via the Placeholder field in the webrotate module settings) or use the popup mode with some extra gallery thumbnail or a 360 view graphic (e.g next to the main product image).

I hope it helps! :)


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something changed with configurable products?
It's a great module and this feature would be great.


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Hi Mund, nothing much yet, sorry! We will be revisiting everything in our existing Prestashop integration in the next couple of month.