Shift-click and Ctrl-click when adding Hotspots


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It would be very cool to have shift-click functionality when building hotspot paths. Kind of like Photoshop when you shift-resize something it resizes within the constraints of the original aspect ratio, shift-click would keep things perfectly on the same X or Y (depending which way the mouse has moved) as the previous point. This would make it very easy to draw straight line paths.

If the new shift-click'ed point is at the end of a path, then lock in the X or Y of the previous point.
If there's point A and point C and you are adding point B in between them, shift-click would have to be smart enough to say if the new point is closer to A, use the X or Y of A, but if it is closer to C, then jump to the X or Y of C.

Ctrl-click would work similarly, but only for a new end point, and take into consideration the last two points added, and continue the line on the same slope as the last two points.

If you ever do the ctrl-click, it would be crazy awesome to use the last three points and calculate the arc, and do ctrl-shift-click to lock the next point onto the arc made out of the last three points! That's probably crazy talk :)
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Excellent ideas. This is definitely something we want to implement asap. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :!: