Toolbar translation


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Hi there,
how can I translate tooltips for toolbar buttons in yor plugin..?
Now when I move mouse over button I see [ Rotate let | Rotate right | Zoom in / out | Play / Stop | Hot-spots on /off ]

In html file generated by SpotEditor there are some rows fro those purpose:

// If you need to translate or change toolbar tooltips, uncomment these lines

        // _imageRotator.settings.i18n.zoomButtonsTooltip = "??";
        // _imageRotator.settings.i18n.hotspotButtonTooltip = "??";
        // _imageRotator.settings.i18n.fullScreenButtonTooltip = "??";
        // _imageRotator.settings.i18n.togglePlayButtonTooltip = "??";
        // _imageRotator.settings.i18n.arrowLeftButtonTooltip = "??";
        // _imageRotator.settings.i18n.arrowRightButtonTooltip = "??";

But here in your plugin I can't find any phrases to translate...
Please help...

PS. You do update for Joomla plugin and allow translation (viewtopic.php?f=19&t=468). Hope you can do it possible for OpenCart too...



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Hi Looker, I'm glad to hear from you :cool: Can you please give us bit more info about your current setup so we try to devise a quick solution for you (will also think about adding a configurable feature like in Joomla for our next OC plugin release...)?

- Are you using OpenCart 2.x or 1.5?

- Have you configured webrotate to load 360 product views embedded or via popup in your OpenCart integration?


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Hi again,
now I'm using OpenCart 1.5 but after couples of months we will lounch other store with OpenCart 2.x

- We didn't consider to leave OpenCart 1.5, we plan to use OpenCart 1.5 and OpenCart 2.x for diferent projects...
- webrotate load 360 product views embedded, I can't find any option in OpenCart webrotate module for popup 360 views...

Hope there will be option for toolbar translation in OpenCart 1.5 and in OpenCart 2.x too...


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Thanks for the details. We added this to our to-do list.

PS: we started supporting popups with 3D product views in OpenCart starting with OpenCart 2.x for which we have a different version of the module.


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Hi Looker, yes :D our to-do list keeps expanding... but we have a lot done too in the last 6 months.

Pre-release v3.6 will be out in the next couple of days with new features, improvements and fixes.. Once it's done, we will get back to updating plugins at which point we will look into adding the toolbar translations to OpenCart as well. Sorry for the wait!

Are you still using OpenCart 1.5.x?