Touch Not Working In Firefox


I am testing my image on my touchscreen desktop and have found that it cannot be rotated by using touch in firefox. Is this a known issue?


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Hi there and thanks for your bug report! :cool:

Interesting... we had issues with desktop touchscreens before but they were resolved at some point.

Please give us more details about your setup and specifically your OS version and Firefox version.

If you have other browsers installed, can you reproduce the issue there?

Also what is your WebRotate version?


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We have run into the same issue:

- Microsoft Surface Pro 5
- Mozilla Firefox v62.0.3
- Webrotate 360 v3.6.0.1046

This is working fine in other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome - just failing on Mozilla Firefox.
A quick test shows that Firefox does not seem to register the listener "mousedown" however it does with "pointerdown". I am not sure if this is how Webrotate functions (using "mousedown" listeners) but maybe something to check?