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Hello, I state that I am a photographer and I do not have much knowledge of web development. I am using the trial version of your software to build my own web page to show product features. In inserting a single shortcode on the page I had no problems, but I would like to understand how to get more examples in the same page like wr360 popup like your example:
I tried to insert the shortcodes but without success.
Thanks for any help.
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Hi winston, the issue I think is formatting of the popup shortcodes. They seem to have odd quote ″ characters and whitespaces next to shortcode brackets that won't work.

Please use Code editor in WP admin to copy / paste the shortcodes as per attached screenshot to avoid auto formatting and/or pasting special characters from a web page you are copying it from.

Here's an example:

[wr360popup name="view02" width="650px" height="550px" config="/360/Profumo/Profumo.xml"]your thumbnail image or text[/wr360popup]