WebRotate 360 does not work in Internet Explorer 8 (OpenCart


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I see. Then this is the IE8 issue we fixed in May specifically in our OpenCart integration. Here's our reply that I copied from the OpenCart comments section on our 360 viewer extension page dated May 15th 2013. I checked the file on your server and looks like you don't have this fix.

@robynice: good news - we fixed the IE8 issue (thanks again for your tip!). The new zip includes the fix but if you don't want to reinstall, you can just do the following:

1) Find this file in your current installation: catalog\controller\module\wr360\wr360hook.js
2) Open it in edit mode and navigate to line 15 that looks like this: var newHtml = "<div id='wr360PlayerId'/> \
3) Replace this line with this: var newHtml = "<div id='wr360PlayerId'> \