WebRotate and photos from Prestashop


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I install your module to try it but i got some issue with the way he work. I'm not sure if it's normal or not...
So i had a product with multiple photos and i wanted to add a 360 photo with your module.

When i go to my product page, i got indeed the 360 photo in the area of the picture but when i want to look at the others photos nothing happen. I'm stuck with the 360 photo and i can't see other picture. And the 360 Photo do no have any little previons photo under the big photo.

Is it normal ?



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Thanks for the link, Pierre.

Your theme has a custom gallery which our plugin can't integrate with out of the box unfortunately. Here's some options to consider:

1) See if your gallery plugin allows opening the gallery images inside a popup.

2) Use our add-in's popup mode for 360 product views such that there's an extra thumbnail in your gallery that will trigger the lightbox popup or place a small graphic somewhere else next to the main image or gallery for the popup with 360. We can help you with this.

3) We can quote you on implementing a custom gallery for your theme that would allow showing both 360 and still images inside the main product image box or can assist your developer(s) with the implementation.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.