Webrotate & Webflow


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Hi there,

how is it possible to integrate webrotate in webflow?
We're having problems that the webrotate view is scaled correct in the webflow iframe.
In the width the view is scaled but if i scale the browser window in the height - nothing happens.

Do you have any ideas? thx
Greetings from Germany,


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Hi Jens,

If you use the "Mobile full page" template to publish your 360 product views in SpotEditor (which you can select on the Publish form) and then use it like this in the iFrame, you can make it work by adjusting the iFrame height depending on screen / browser size via CSS. You probably already have similar CSS styles for other elements on your pages. Let me know if you need help with this.

Do you think this can work?

PS: the other option is to integrate the viewer directly using our APIs / template examples.


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I've tried to integrate the viewer directly using the API's as suggested but I'm getting the following error....

Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
at eval (eval at <anonymous> (imagerotator.js:4), <anonymous>:1:1081)
at eval (eval at <anonymous> (imagerotator.js:4), <anonymous>:1:6917)
at imagerotator.js:4
test:49 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined
at test:49

I've set up AWS cloudfront to host all the files including the xml / images as well as all the imagerotator.js etc...

Is there an issue with the version of Jquery being used by Webflow? Has anyone managed to set this up on a product with Webflow's ecommerce system?



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Hi Julian, this literally means that jquery has not been loaded before imagerotator.js script which is required. I.e it seems to be the issue of script loading order.

Can you possibly share a link to this page? Is this due to jquery being loaded in page footer in your webflow theme if at all?