Where to buy gear?


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Where I can find gear in order to create the 3D panos, like the JVC one on the home page?

I'm guessing I need a turntable, who do you recommend?

Also how do I achieve the top and bottom shots?

What gear and where can I find it?

Great product by the way! I'm excited to try it out!


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Thanks for your message, Thomas!

If you are just starting with 360 product photography, we usually recommend to get something simple like this DIY turntable or a similar "lazy susan" platform (even a cake stand would do it as a proof of concept). Or you can get one of the many automated display stands on eBay that we see being re-sold as "360 product photography" turntables elsewhere.

3D multi-row product spins like the JVC camera are a bit more involved and here's our DIY approach for starters. Once you get a feel for it, you may consider professional equipment (it can cost many thousands of dollars for the hemispherical 3d spins).

PS: we haven't short the JVC camera so can't comment on how the full 3d spin was achieved there, unfortunately! These guys are ultimate pros in 360 product photography. We always looked up to them :mrgreen:


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We recently solicited a couple of studio images from Richard George (Richard K. George Photography) who tested our original idea of a DIY 3d multi-row setup linked above with some success.. This could be a good starting point if you are interested in testing multi-row 3d product views (vs regular single-row 360s).

PS: note the protractor at the end of the horizontal arm that holds the camera rig. The arm can spin inside the brackets (producing the needed circular camera motion) and the fixed protractor is used to measure the angle increments..

All credits go to: http://www.rkgphotos.com/about.htm


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