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Are there any plans to provide WIX integration at some point? They say that you can embed HTML5 code for creating 360 object spins but do not provide enough information on how to do it and then tell you they don't know if it will even work. Currently my 360s are authored in Flash but most browsers are abandoning Flash. Chrome already has.
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Hi and thanks for your comment! Our best option for Wix would be to use one of the recent integration modes described in the following blog post even though it's for a different platform.

http://www.webrotate360.com/Blog/post/W ... space.aspx

As with Squarespace descried in the blog post, Wix doesn't allow folders to be uploaded to their hosting (last time we checked), so you would need a different hosting location outside of Wix to upload your published 360 product photography or 3D rendered images and then hook them up in your Wix website using pretty much the same integration routine as per the blog post.

We would be happy to assist with this if you would like, and can host a test 360 product view on our Amazon S3 hosting for your Wix tests. Just let us know.