Wordpress and DIVI error


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Hi everyone
I am using WordPress with DIVI theme

I am trying to play 3 videos on the same page in different blocks, (yesterday I bought the license)

In development mode everything looks perfect, each video is where it belongs, however when I exit developer mode and see the site in any browser the 3 videos are
seen in the first block together !!!

Does anyone know of a solution?

Please help

I am not a WEB developer, just the owner of the company

My Syte: https://first360ad.com/?page_id=307


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Hi there and thanks for your message. I just checked your link and all three 360 products views loaded fine for me. What was the fix you applied?


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Hi Admin, I checked everything several times, and I realized that in the sentence to call the video you have to put where it says:
[wr360embed name="view1" width="100%"..... VIEW2 and VIEW3 if you want to place several videos on the same page, that's all, you have to make a correlative and in the sentence

Saludos, Fernando