FTP and Joomla Issue


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Hi Guys,

First let me tell you that it's a great tool for me and many thanks.

Now , i did what needed , meaning created the 360 got the folder install the plugin, added the 360 folder to the FTP under :
/plugins/content/webrotate360/360_assets/name of my folder/name of the xml.xml

and added the below to HTML on my site

[wr360embed name="view01" width="100%" height="500px" config="/360-assets/FourNoon/FourNoon.xml"]

But still not working well , just looks like louding but without the 360 file(see attached)! any idea? what else is needed?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi James, apologies for the late reply.

Please try the following config instead (just double check that this is the location of the xml file on your FTP). You can append your website name to this path at the front and try to open the full link in your browser directly and if it loads in the browser, our 3D product viewer should be able to load it as well.


I hope it helps! Just let us know if not. You can also send us a link to your Joomla page and we would be able to say what happened exactly.


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Thank you,

I tried to do it, although this is what i did but still same result.
can i send you an example via email? what is your email?

Thanks in advance