Hotspot Problem


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Hi, i want to create a static hotspot with html. But I can´t get it, why it does not work properly. I want a small picture on the left and a description on the right. But the pic is a little bit more up, than the text. Why?
<td><div style="float:right;">

<img src="Überflur-Aufrollsysteme/Ronda/Hotspot/Spot.png" height="20px" width="20px">

Please help me


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Hi there!

Html hotspots are rendered pretty much as-is by the browser like any other html block on a web page. In other words we don't touch them when we show them inside the 360 view.

Looking at your script I see a couple of issues:

1. You have <td> elements but no <table> and no <tr> which are required when you use <td>.
2. When you float the fist div to the right you are floating it inside the enclosing <td>, in other words the other div doesn't follow any floating rules you might be expecting from it.

To help best, can you please do a quick mockup (as a JPG or PNG) of the final design of the hotspot that you are after?