Integration Issue


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I found the 360 product viewer from the Bigcommerce support forum. I have followed the instructions to edit the Product Detatil template and css files and uploaded the samples on /content but it's not working. The config.xml link will just show as text in the product detail and there is no image box on the page.
I am not familiar with Javascript at all. Am I missing something?
Please help!

instructions are from this page: ... eased.aspx



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Hi Charing, thanks for contacting us here and apologies for our relate reply.

This happens most likely because your custom BigCommerce theme uses a different CSS class or id for the element that wraps your main product image than the one we look for by deafult on a product page (it's declared in wr360hook.js under var wrapperID).

We can help with this if you share your BigCommerce product page URL. You can also send it to support at webrotate360 dot com.