Not loading new files from Spot Editor


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I've got a weird issue, I created and loaded some files a few months ago. they work fine in Big Commerce. I can still call them in and see them in my page.

I created some new files yesterday and this morning, loaded, called them in by name, checked spelling, and no dice. Doesn't work. I change to the old files, works fine. I even tried swapping out the images (new images in place of old images using the same .xml file. doens't call them in. replaced the old files. no problem.



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Hi Jarrod, the test page currently points to this viewer config URL:


But if I try to open it in my browser directly, it doesn't load. It could be a spelling issue in the URL, or the file is just not there somehow, or some caching issue with BigCommerce. Please double check and let us know what you find out.