onionskin view+crop+levels :)


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program is excellent and packed with features, kudos to developers. do it would be nice to avoid any external programs for editing photos.
crop and onionskin view would be nice to have in the program. they are essential for these purposes and would make this program fully equipped, not to mention that a workflow would increase dramatically, which is a priority considering the large amounts of merchandise that this kind of job usually requires.
and if levels where to include to boost contrast and whiten the white...ccccccccccccccc, bingo of all bingo's :D

best regards :)


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Hi there! wow thanks for your feedback - this is exactly where we want to take the software.. The reason this didn't happen yet is because we wanted to make it all look / work well on Apple Mac OSx as well, and our original technology was preventing us from adding these features quickly.

There are some other ideas as well like adding an interface with Canon and Nikon cameras to allow shooting the images from inside the software as well as some photographers use manual 360 turntables and then we would save same the pain of transferring the files.. does this make sense?


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thanks for seeing :)
canon-nikon support would be excellent.
if table is manual, than an intervalometer would be ok to incorporate

it comes to:
-taking photos

- taking
by taking photos you are on the horse with c/n support and itervalometer. (you latter can add remote controled shutter for electronic tables, which wary; if the one is constantly rotating, or with stops to photograph).
for manual tables there should be live view, shutter buton and intervalometer.

crop (with constrain proportions), onion view, levels. i cant think of nothing else to add to the existing features.
* it also would be nice to incorporate mouse wheel scroll to rotate the product picture, like in editing mode.

nothing to add.

i have tried you mac version...
i also encourage you to develop further you mac version, macinotsh/osx is largely populated in USA, good market, do when they see windows/linux explorer style... :))))

kudos again, looking forward to buying your product soon.

warm regards


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Hi again, lalegator. I really appreciate your ideas and suggestions - all makes perfect sense. We will make this happen :) Looking forward to seeing you around!


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bragging rights :)

when your software connect to camera and the photographed files are in software editor, it would be nice to have a box with a pixel count for both low-res, high-res desired output, and if compression slider! oyha, costumers are singing.
but, actually it is a neccesety. when you connect your software to camera and a photo file transfers to computer you need to configure it from original jpeg or RAWs from camera (which you may consider to implement, just to avoid raw vs jpeg debaters :) .then it is best to do your desired output size of the photos when you are exporting the html file. also can be placed on publish window so is easier to compare photo low-res files resolution with viewer output that you need to put. not to make resolution mistake (like i did in example).

if i am boring, send me please a PM advising to go and have a ride with my son on bicycle.


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This is great lalegator - nothing boring about it :cool: Please keep it coming as we will definitely use your ideas in our ongoing development. Really appreciated!


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en excellent update giving this program a leading edge. we are now the proud owners of the program, thank you for nice tool.
today we made some 360 images so i will be starting using this program and see if there is something to brag more :)
as a beginner on a new program features an explanatory hover over buttons would be nice. it is confusing without them since you have to click to see what it does, and some time you don`t see a change so you actually don't know what it is for :)
big regards to your team, nice to be back


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Hi lalegator! :) I'm glad to hear from you and thanks for getting PRO and all your feedback as well!

I agree, the tooltips (hover-over text) in the user interface is very important - it is being added for the final release of v3.5.

Thanks for reminding us though and please send us any of your other thoughts as you start using SpotEditor 3.5.

PS: cheers! :D