Play Button Dissapears in Certain Resolutions


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For Win10 and Chrome (both fully updated) on a laptop, if the user changes the default Display Setting "Scale and layout -> Change the size of text, apps, and other items" from the default 125% to 100%, then the play button (right-pointing triangle) is no longer displayed. There is no problem in MS-Edge.

Here is an example (I split it into 2 lines because a single full line gets garbled by your forum):



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Hi there and thanks for your message!

The 360 product viewer in your link is about 4-5 years old (v3.5.0; see version history) which we don't presently support. Please update to the latest version of the webrotate software and re-publish and re-test.

PS: in our quick test we didn't see any viewer toolbar issues on a laptop running latest Win10, Chrome and scaling set to 100% as per your example with our sample pages: