Setting default hotspot style?


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Is there a way to set the default hotspot style, so I don't have to change each one every time?

Specifically, the settings under the "hotspot" and "text content" tabs.



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OR is there a way to import just the spins from an existing project?

It looks like I might be able to copy the <hotspots> node and children from the source into the target? Is there any problem with doing this?


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Hi, there're two options to save time with hotspot styles which I think you have explored already:

1. Import from a template project:


2. Duplicate an existing hotspot:


PS: or copy them in xml directly as you suggested. Make sure to close SpotEditor and then copy / paste the hotspots node to your project .xml file in the root of SpotEditor project. As long as your hotspots don't use Image Content, all should be fine as-is. For image content to work, you would also need to copy the hotspot images from images/spots accordingly.

    <hotspot id="spot1" renderMode="0" indicatorImage="circ-cross-thin-blue.svg">
      <spotinfo src="images/spots/18687096_l.jpg" imgWidth="500" imgNoScale="true" />